Khelhoshe Memorial English School, Lalpahar Upper Assam

Khelhoshe Memorial English School is located at Lalpahar Sümi Village, Upper Assam, Tinsukia District. The school is sponsored by Western Sümi Baptist Akukuhou Küqhakulu (WSBAK). Being a mission institution, the school strives at the integral formation of students according to the values of the gospel. The school also tries to impart sound intrinsic education by formulating the habits of self-discipline, virtues and to achieve competence on one’s profession, extend universal love, respect and service to all others, to the extent possible.
Besides quality education, we create and provide extra-curricular activities such as music, sports, skill development, outdoor and club activities etc. for better growth of each student.

1. 2023 Statistics:

i. Students 131
ii. Teaching Staff 15
iii. Non-Teaching Staff 02
iv. Helpers 03

  1. On 1st February 2023, the school got a Provisional Prior Permission of Class Nursery to X (Ten), ORDER NO.: DSE/GIS/PP/275/2033/92 from the Office of Director of Secondary Education: Assam, Kahilipar and Guwahati-19.
  2. On 1st July 2023, we got a U-DISE CODE (Unified District Information System for Education): 18140314307, where all the detailed information of the school, staff and students are updated through online portal format called Shiksha Setu Axom.
  3. On 9th October 2023, the Government of Assam: Office of the Director of Secondary Education granted a Provisional Registration Permission No. DSE/GIS/PP/275/2022/143 (Temporary).