Aims & Objective

The vision of Women Department is to equip and enhance women’s leadership in the church in particular and the society in general. Women empowerment in the church ministry is one of our main focus for a better partnership in ministry. Our aim is also to guide and encourage every Christian family members to imbibed with love, care and support for a harmonous living under one roof which in turn will have a positive impact in our society. Restoring family relationship for a harmonous living is our greatest concern amidst challenges and prospects in today’s world.

Department Staff & Committee

Women Department works under the administration of Executive Secretary and is headed by Secretary with one Evangelist, and three other staff of Samaritan home as Co-ordinator, Warden and training instructor. For the support and smooth functioning of the department, we have a church representative consisting fifteen Members as Executive committee and  Nine members as Samaritan Home Board on a three year tenure basis who work very closely with the Department staff.

Activities & Ministry

In order to fulfill our vision we do networking with all the women who are at different leadership positions and organize seminars and trainings. Following are some of the activities and ministry of women Department:

  • A 3 days Seminar for Associate Pastor Women is held as an annual event to enhance the leadership of women in church ministry.
  • In a year, one week is set aside as Family week (NBCC women Deptt. initiative) for neighbors meeting and fellowship for harmonuos living.
  • Seminars for Collegiate girls to inculcate a right education on women’s health and Christian moral teachings.
  • Seminars for working women to strengthenthe family values and to help them to positively handle the family crisis.
  • Alternatively once a year we do have a fellowship for the wives of the Pastors & Ordained under the family of WSBAK.
  • Occassionally we do also have Pastor’s wives fellowship once in a year.
  • Once in a year we do organize a Couple seminar in different locations to the convinience of the participants and strenthenes the family bond.
  • Occassionally we organize a widows & widowers fellowship in order to strengthene one another as a learning experience and we encourage every local church to have the same.
  • We do organize a seminar cum fellowship for women who are actively involved in different levels of business in order to encourage the young entreprenuers and to guide them towards better avenues and management.
  • In collaboration with the local churches, we organizes mothers’ camp, retreat & other spiritual awakening programmes.
  • One of the noble projects of this Department is a Samaritan Home which aims to rehabilitate the aimless young girls and women to find meaning in life. In order to achieve this, any young girl/s are invited on a voluntary basis to stay at our home for a specific period of time where they are fed with the Word of God and given opportunities to various trainings like cutting & tailoring, weaving and other skilled labour for their self reliability. 

The department is working on a different visions among which, one is to initiate a separate Men’s fellowship in every local churches (as the women do on every Thursdays) in order to let men folks build a better relationship with God and with each other.