Department of Youth Ministry


As the Christian Endeavour movement was sweeping across the globe during early part of the twentieth century, the Youth Ministry among the Western Sumi Churches began with the formation of Christian Endeavour (CE) in 1947 by Mr. Ghonito Zhimomi, Nihokhu village and Late Shikhevi, Kiyevi village with a purpose of having fellowship among the churches. The first session for CE was held at Sakipheto (Khehoyi) M.E. School during 8-10 August 1947 with 200 delegates attended including the host village. During those nascent years CE meeting was the only annual conference for the Western Sümis where old and young could gather annually.

TLW Seminar, April 16, 2016

TLW Seminar, April 16, 2016

From the year 1960 to1962, due to Indo-Naga political imbroglio the entire Western Sumi region was divided into three zones: S. K. Area (Aqahuto Area); Sakipheto Area (Alato Area) and Hovishe Area (Niuland Area) and Christian Endeavour conference was also held according this zone. When Western Churches were merged into the Sümi Baptist Akukuhou Küqhakulu (SBAK), CE conference was discontinued from 1963 to 1967. However, in 1967 during annual conference at Zhüikhu village, some section of Pastors resolved to renew CE conference for the Western Sümi churches. Thus began Youth Ministry among the churches in Western Sümi region of Nagaland – the beginning of Youth Department, WSBAK.

Since its inception, the Youth Department has been developing immensely till date. Moreover, Youth Department is now one of the most useful instruments for moulding and nurturing the youth under WSBAK. Currently there are 112 Churches full-fledged Youth Ministry with the total population of 13,000 young people.

Some of the Pioneer Youth Workers:

  1. Ghonito Zhimomi, Evangelist.
  2. Late Shikhevi Zhimomi
  3. Vihoi, Pastor
  4. Sukhuvi
  5. Tovishe Awomi
Youth Consultation, Jan 26, 2016

Youth Consultation, Jan 26, 2016

Aims & Objectives

Realising the importance of guiding, moulding and helping the contemporary to grow in Christ, the Youth Department is committed to cater to the needs of the young people with visions, plans and programmes.

To fulfil this objective the Youth Department provides effective ministry among the young people. It helps in developing and training young people to effectively lead the church, equipping them with the necessary tools needed to meet the challenges facing this generation. It creates a holistic approach to ministry, calling young people to total commitment and spiritual accountability thereby encouraging Christian values. It also provides opportunity for young people to know each other better and thus work cooperatively to fulfil the Great Commission.

Youth Executive Members

1. Mr.Atoshe Swu, Chairman

Youth Leadership Seminar, April 27, 2016

Youth Leadership Seminar, April 27, 2016

2. Mr.Akato Jimo

3. Mr,Ghukato Awomi

4. Mr.Kakugha Yeptho

5. Mr.Alex Yeptho

6. Mr.Kughai Zhimo

7. Mr.Phutoyi Awomi

8. Mr.Vishito Kiba

9. Mr.Isak Zhimomi

10. Mrs.Kakhelli Zhekheto

11. Mrs.Toheli Kivigho

12. Mrs.Ahoni Huska

13. Mrs.Lhotoli Akheto

14. Mr.Akheto Yeptho

15. Mr.Holuvi Aye

16. Mr.Alfred H.Aye


  1. ANNUAL CONFERENCE: In order to motivate and encourage the young people with the Word of God and to have a fellowship among the youth from different churches, a conference is held once in three year. Thousands of young people gather and exhibit their talents to the glory of God. The entire programmed is filled with music, creative items, competitions and meaningful worship.
  2. LEADERSHIP TRAININGS: Leadership training is organized every year by way of Seminars or Workshops especially for the Associate Youth Pastors to enhance their leadership skills. This not only equips and informs our leaders but also gives an opportunity for them to meet and have fellowship. Seminars on Learning Music staff notations, life career counselling are occasionally organized for different youth groups as well.
  3. TRUE LOVE WAITS (TLW): True Love Waits is an international campaign that challenges young people to remain sexually abstinent until they enter into Biblical Marriage Relationship. With the initiative of the NBCC in 2005, the TLW movement has been effective in creating awareness and educating the young people on the importance of sexual purity. To achieve this target, TLW Seminar is being organized in local churches and different areas. Many young people are responding and participating positively. More than 2000 young people have pledged themselves to remain sexually abstinent until marriage.
  4. SPORTS MINISTRY: Under the initiative of the NBCC, Catch them Young Sports Ministry is being organized especially to reach out to those youth who do not come to church for worship. This ministry is envisioned to catch the talented young people and bring them to the right platform with the fear of God.
  5. SPIRITUAL AWAKENING PROGRAMMES: Keeping in mind of the spiritual growth for the young people, different programmes are being organized mostly financed by the local churches in collaboration with the WSBAK youth department. Programmes such as youth camp, youth conclave, youth retreat, youth revival etc. are conducted occasionally.