Department of Mission & Evangelism (DoME) works under the administration of Executive Secretary and is headed by Secretary, DoME with One staff as Promoter. For the support and smooth functioning of the department, the department has a church representative consisting of Fifteenth Members as Mission Board Members on a three year tenure basis who work very closely with the Department staff.


Aims & Objective


In obedience to fulfill the Great Commission “Go therefore, and make all nations my disciples….,”  the vision of WSBAK outreach mission is “Proclaiming Christ and making Him known” and we are committed to share the Gospel to see that every tongue confessing Jesus Christ as Lord. Our vision is to reach out and liberate the people from every kind of sinful bondage through the power of the Gospel and help them receive eternal life.


Activities & Ministry


In order to fulfill our vision, following are some of our ministry & activities.

  • Sending the missionaries and appointing the local evangelists for church planting. They are supported by the local churches, families and individuals from the WSBAK.
  • We support the new believers to have a worship place by sharing our resources for church building constructions.
  • We send teacher missionaries to teach in different schools in order to inculcate a good Christian behaviour rooted in the word of God.
  • We establish educational institutions in rural areas to help children get education in a Christian atmosphere and we do help the local people empowering their literature.
  • Establishing Medical Centres through community health care in rural areas to extent the love and care of Jesus’ model.
  • Establishing agriculture mission to help the local people for scientific method of agriculture.
  • Establishing city ministries to cater our young people who are away from home for job and studies.
  • Conducting annual Mission conference to assess the mission prospects and projects.




WSBAK has 13 Mission Field in different parts of the country and even abroad.

Expanding our mission activities to major cities we have established City Ministry particularly to cater to the spiritual needs for students and professionals. We have established Delhi Sümi Christian Fellowship in 2008 and Shillong Sümi Christian Fellowship in 2011 respectively with full time Pastors being sponsored by local churches under WSBAK. In near future WSBAK is aiming to expand City Ministry to other cities.

Financing and funding for outreach mission is supported and contributed by the WSBAK local churches, societies, families & individuals. We work in partnership with them and they have been the resource for outreach ministry. The Mission department appoints trained and professionals as Missionaries and Evangelists for the mission fields and supervise their works.