In commemoration of its Platinum Jubilee, WSBAK is  establishing a Secular College with Bachelor of Arts under the nomenclature PLATINUM COLLEGE, situated at WSBAK Resource Centre, Nihokhü Village under Niuland district, Nagaland, with a total land area of 68 acres.

Niuland Being a newly carved out district, does not have a single College that has necessitated WSBAK to set up a College with a vision to provide quality education alongside proper spiritual discipline.

The College aims at providing education, training and expertise so as to improve quality of life by improving the capabilities of human resources, thinking process, practice and performance in all disciplines.

For students to salaried class and lower middle class families, it is difficult to go out for higher studies because of economy constrain. Hence the college shall be able to meet the requirement of the larger section of society and help them in shaping their carrer.

Objectives of the College:


  1. A secular christian college with the idea of creating a place of learning where students can freely discover, express and apply their talents.
  2. To impart secular education with proper christian discipline.
  3. Prioritizing student’s needs, recognizing their talents moulding them to provide all round development.
  4. To hold high values on promoting a broader understanding on job value, practical application, discovery of gift, talents and freedon of expression.
  5. To create a safe environment for open communication between students and faculty.
  6. To disseminate knowledge that may be of professional societal and spiritual advantage.


Why Platinum College?


  1. Academic Excellence: Our academic programs are designed to inspire and prepare you for success in your chosen subjects.
  2. Exceptional Faculty: Well qualified distinguished faculty members in their respective subjects are dedicated to the growth and development for the students who quest for knowledge.
  3. Vibrant Community: Join a dynamic and inclusive community of students from diverse backgrounds, where you will develop healthy lifelong friendship and connections.
  4. Beautiful Campus: Immerse yourself and experience in our beautiful campus that will give you a perfect environment to acquire quality education.


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