Aims & Objectives

Realizing the importance of catering the upcoming musicians and promoting Music in the church, Music Department was established in the year 2007 with a single staff as a Music Promoter. This department is a recent development under the ministry of WSBAK. The vision of Music Department is to promote and propagate Christian Music in the life of every believer to build a strong relationship with God. It aims at promoting our folk songs & folk dances, indigenous musical instruments, traditions and cultures, and also to encourage our younger generation to love Christian music. The aim of this department is also to inspire the young people to make music their profession and help them to avoid the secular music that are driven them away from Christ. Our vision is also to network with other likeminded Christian agencies for promoting & propagating Christian music in our churches and to a larger extent as well.

 Department Staff & Committee

Music Department works under the administration of Executive Secretary and is headed by Music Promoter along with eight Committee Members who are entrusted to work for the growth and progress of Music Department. The Committee Members are the church representatives who are appointed on a three year tenure basis.

 Activities & Ministry

 Following are some of the activities of Music Department

Gospel Music Concerts to let the young people expose their God gifted talents at a right platform.

  1. Music Seminar for Youth Leaders, Sunday School teachers, Pastors & Centre Staff.
  2. Music Seminar for Class X Students (yearly) with the theme “Tune your Life”
  3. Music Seminar for XII and above (yearly) with the theme “Music & my life”
  4. Gospel Singers Seminar cum Musical evening
  5. Indigenous Musical instruments workshop cum Indigenous Music concert
  6. In Collaboration with Remnant Mission Academy (Korean Musicians), one month training on Piano, Violin, Bible Class, guitar, wall paintings.
  7. Training on folk dance, folk songs of both male & female.
  8. Training on Church Hymnals & Music staff notation.
  9. Training on Music & Sumi mother tongue.

The music department is a resource for all music programmes under the family of WSBAK churches.


Photos of Music Department: