Historical Background of the WSBAK

At the height of its glory, British Empire had cast its shadow over the whole Indian sub-continent, the land of Nagas was also annexed to the British Empire. At the dawn of 20th Century Kiyezu Zhimomi Head GB of Nikuto Village, Zunheboto District obtained the permit from Col. A.E Woods ICS, the then DC of Kohima, and established the first Sumi village in 1911, in the Western Part of Nagaland.

The term Western Sema (now Sumi) was supposedly first coined by JH Hutton, the then DC of Kohima,Under JH Hutton administration from 1913-1927 issued migration permits and several Sumi villages were established. Again from 1937-1947 several Sumi villages were established, permit issued by C.R Pawsey, the then DC of Kohima. Then in great wave of migration, more villages were established after independence of India and again many more villages were established following the statehood of Nagaland.

At the backdrop of this migration, the Western Sumi Baptist Akukuhou Kuqhakulu had its formation in 1947 by few committed pioneers with a goal in nurturing the nascent churches among these migrated Sumis in the western part of Nagaland.

At its nascent stage of Christianity, despite dialect barrier it did not hold them back from associating themselves with other churches of the neighbouring tribes of Angamis and Kukis. In 1947 the Western Sema Baptist Churches joined the Sema Baptist Akukuhou Kuqhakulu (SBAK) at its annual session at Aichisaghemi village, Zunheboto District, Nagaland. Mr.Ghonito Zhimomi, the then a Travelling Pastor, was first appointed as a Care Taker for the Western Sema Baptist Churches. But due to physical distance of SBAK and Western Sumi, the Western Sumi initiated separate association in 1958. Soon, in 1962 SBAK recognized Western Sumi  Baptist churches as SBAK branch. It was in Oct.1980, 44th Conference of NBCC at Thahekhu Village, WSBAK was affiliated as the 16th Association of the NBCC. Subsequently WSBAK was affiliated to CBCNEI as its 51st Association in February 1981 at Nowgon, Assam.

During the first few decades the ministry works did not gain much progress due to some hurdles. Firstly, there was no proper headquarter for the Western Sema Churches. The shifting of centre from one village to another had adversely affected the progress of the churches. Secondly, the Western Sema area was covered with dense forests, hostile animals and rugged roads. This hindered the pioneers to cater to the needs of the nascent churches effectively. Thirdly, the Indo-Naga political crisis had adversely affected the church ministry works among the Western Sumis. However, in the midst of those insurmountable challenges extraordinary courage and dedication shown by Evangelist Ghonito Zhimomi, Rev.Luhoi Jakha and Rev.Yetohe Kappo were remarkable. They nurtured the nascent churches painstakingly and selflessly. Perhaps it requires such depths of hardship to create such heights of God-fearing character.

A new dawn of beginning was ushered with the coming of Rev.Hevukhu Achumi who joined the Western Sema Baptist Akukuhou Kuqhakulu in 1980 first as Field Supervisor and then as Executive Secretary. Skillfully gifted with preaching and engulfed by Revival Fire, he zealously reached every nuke and corner of the Western Sumi villages with powerful preaching of repentance, forgiveness and new life in Christ. Great awakening took place and many lives were transformed. As a result there was tremendous church growth among the Western Sumis. Over the years under the leadership of Rev.Phughoto Aye and Rev.Vitoshe Swu, the Western Sumi Baptist Akukuhou Kuqhakulu has grown both in numbers and infrastructural development.

Today WSBAK has 165 member Churches with the Baptized members over 40,000 with its Headquarter at Akuvuto, Thahekhu Village, Dimapur, Nagaland.


1) Evang.Ghonito Zhimomi, Care Taker, 1947-1964

ii) Rev.Luhoi Jakha, Corresponding Secretary, 1965-1971

iii) Evang.Ghonito Zhimomi, Corresponding Secretary, 1972

iv) Rev.Luhoi Jakha, Corresponding Secretary, 1973-1978

v) Rev.Luhoi Jakha, Field Secretary, 1979-2nd May 1980

vi) Rev.Hevukhu, Field Secretary, 2nd May 1980 – Dec. 1980

vii) Rev.Hevukhu, Executive Secretary, Dec 1980-1987

viii) Mr.S.Vitoshe Swu, Executive Secretary (Incharge), 1988

ix) Rev.Hevukhu Achumi, Executive Secretary, 1989-1994

x) Rev.Phughoto Aye, Executive Secretary, 1995-2004

xi) Rev.S.Vitoshe Swu, Executive Secretary, 2005-2014

xii) Rev.Dr.Hevukhu Achumi, Executive Secretary, 2015-Till date



i) Mr.Hejeto Ayemi,  Thahekhu BC 1963-73

ii) Mr.Yetohe Kappo, Kiyevi BC 1973-75

iii) Mr.Hokiqhe Chishi, SBC, Dimapur 1976-78

iv) Mr.T.Howoto Hollo, Hovishe BC 1979-80

WSBAK (Western Sumi Baptist Akukuhou Kuqhakulu)

i) Mr.I.Izheho Zhimomi, Sakipheto BC 1981-92

ii) Mr.Hozheto Achumi, SBC, Purana Bazar, 1993-95

iii) Mr.Lotohe Ayemi, Thahekhu BC 1996-98

iv) Er.Kahoto Sumi, Toluvi BC 1999-01

v) Mr.Yetoyi Achumi, Heqheshe BC 2002-04

vi) Er.Picto Shohe, Thilixu BC 2005-08

vii) Mr.Khehovi Yeptho, Thilixu BC 2009-14

viii) Er.Ahoto Zhimomi, Chekiye BC 2015 – Till date